Drug Testing of Employees – Its Benefits

In the recent 30 years, drug testing of employees has become more a prevalent practice as employers work to make sure that they have a drug-free workforce. There are several reasons why companies should use employment drug testing tampa, and this is why about 65% of US employers include some testing as a requirement for employment. There are a number of reasons as to why companies would conduct some drug testing as part of the employment process, this could be for protection from any liability as the result of on the job injuries, potential lack of overall productivity, or just to screen any undesired applicants during the process. Regardless of what your reason might be regarding the integration of drug testing to your company, you can rest easy knowing that what you are doing is what is right and will help you and your company carry on further. View blood testing labs tampa

Studies that have been conducted on the employees in the work area and the market production of companies who use employment drug tests proves its effectiveness. Drug testing for employees is most effective as a two step process, one during the hiring process to screen for drug use in the past and current employees especially those who are long-term are given random drug testing from time to time. Companies who employ the use of drug testing have seen a drastic increase in job safety, reduction of tardiness and absenteeism, and a general boost in overall productivity. This series of screening fresh and veteran employees will ensure that the company's work force is in its highest productivity with the dawn of employee drug testing.

Employers have various ways to test employees for drugs, but the commonly used method for drug testing is the hair follicle and urinalysis test. A urinalysis test is a test that involves the acquisition of an employee's urine sample to be sent and processed by a laboratory to find any traces of illicit substances. The test results from these laboratories have a very little margin of error and are highly accurate due to them following the very strict federal guidelines and can be subjected to court action if needed. Smaller businesses can cut down the cost and the need to send the samples to a laboratory by making use of an on-site urinalysis which is quite cheaper but still as accurate and effective. read more now

A less invasive method but still considered to be an industry standard is the hair follicle test. Potential hires or long-term employees only need a few strands of hair to submit for testing. The hair follicle test is a very crucial component of employment drug tests because this test is able to detect drug use for a longer period as compared to urinalysis. The usage of drugs can leave its traces on the hair as it grows, this means that the hair can still have traces of drugs that can be found for over 90 days.

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