Purposes of Drug Testing

Instant drug testing must not necessarily be only for the purposes of lab analysis. The reason is that results come fast soon after the tests are done. It is a drug testing that is beneficial in a workplace because it can be used when an employee gets hurt while at work. This is because the results should show whether the employee had used an illegal drug causing him to be negligent and cause the accident. Instant drug testing is used the drug treatment program where it is established if any work has been using illegal drugs. Those who are on probation due to illegal drug use are checked using drug testing. Learn more about std testing tampa

Drug testing can be done in several methods, but the one that is used commonly is the urine drug test. When the drug test screens a person’s urine, it focuses on the urine metabolites but not for any given drug. A person can know whether they are using drugs if metabolites are found in the urine. Drug tests can test a person’s sweat, saliva, hair and blood among others.

In most labs the drug testing is done in a cost-effective, professional and convenient way. In these labs you get service within 15 minutes, so there are no long queues, what is more, you get results in almost 24 to 48 hours. Labs do welcome walk-ins. The testing is also of high-quality, but doctors must not be the ones to carry out the testing because most labs have staff that is helpful, certified, fully trained and experienced.

Testing of alcohol consumption can be done with the same specimen that was used in testing for illegal drugs. There are devices used to test for alcohol instant which is done by a person breathing into the gadget to determine the alcohol content in their blood. The tests on urine and blood can also be used to screen for alcohol in the body along with alcohol strips. Alcohol strips are put in the mouth to decide if the person has consumed alcohol. The period of detection is when a drug is being detected however the detection periods are different on every illegal drug all which take time to be assimilated in the body. More on this website

Marijuana can be detected in the urine even 30 days of smoking it because of the fat cells that are not easily purged. Cocaine is a substance that is water-soluble so within 72 hours this substance gets out of the body. Instant drug testing does not simplify job acquisition further it inhibits employers from compensating workers for negligent accidents because the worker was under any influence of illegal drugs.

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